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We offer a wide range of solutions for a great variety of needs from a number of industrial sectors. We have a broad infrastructure base for the production of components from a wide range of materials, as well as a high level of manufacturing expertise and a large network of strong partners the helps us provide solutions for a variety of applications.

With years of experience, the Private Office is in a unique position to help you to harness the power of the connected enterprise and create a highly optimized, lean manufacturing operation.

We understand that manufacturing and logistics footprint needs to be constantly optimized in order to serve customers in the most effective way. A strategic direction of a region-by-region approach, with manufacturing and suppliers closer to customers, enables a responsive, cost efficient supply chain with limited shipping of products and hence reduced environmental impact. Our goal is to create a process and culture of continuous improvements by involving our partners. Safety, Quality, Delivery, Cost, Working climate and Environment have been set out as our priorities to maximize value, minimize waste and to provide an overall edge to our partners.

We see ourselves as a driver of innovation and a benchmark for many applications. We are driven by enthusiasm for new challenges and the pursuit of optimal solutions with the highest quality demands. We share this passion with our partners! This is how we have blossomed into a broadly based service provider in the fields of development and manufacturing for a wide range of industries and applications.

Together with our partners, today, we manufacture demanding products with a wide range of requirements and applications in numerous industries across the region and around the world

Key Partnerships

We work closely with our partners to reach out and deliver solutions that provide a competitive edge.

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Achievements we are proud of, especially when it is recognized and appreciated with peers within the industry.

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An update of news, events and other activities that is shaping our business space as well as our own role in the marketplace.