World Mobility Show 2019

The Private Office of Sheikh Tahnoon Bin Saeed Bin Tahnoon Al Nahyan, through its CEO Mr. Zulfiquar Ghadiyali was invited as Key Note Speaker for the World Mobility Show held at The Address Dubai Mall on 6th – 7th March 2019.

The World Mobility Show is an elite gathering of 300+ international mobility experts, future-ready automotive companies, technology leaders, and decision makers from government agencies, start-ups, corporates, investors and enterprises – all under one roof to discuss the Future of Mobility.

The show featured discussions on disruptive trends, challenges and opportunities from the world of mobility. The attendees have witnessed an impressive display of future-tech automobile concepts and smart technologies contributing towards a two-point agenda – The Future of Mobility & Dubai 2030.

Mr. Ghadiyali in his speech said that Intelligent Systems Will Drive Inspired Experiences. Ongoing digitalization of our transport systems is accelerating us towards this world – a world where railways, highways, waterways, and airways are integrated into a seamless global network.  This will make transportation safer and more efficient, dramatically improving the experience for passengers, shippers, and workers in the sector. It will reduce congestion and travel times, cut energy use and make our cities cleaner and quieter.

“Interoperability is the cornerstone of global networks. Cross-border cooperation on standards and regulations is vital to ensure that our transport networks speak each other’s' languages. And ensuring safety on every form of transport will depend on the reliability of the electronic data systems that will work alongside the traditional mechanical and electrical systems spanning road, rail, air, and sea.
Human-robot collaborations can augment city, work, health, and social life in the smart cities of the future.
Changes in the Transportation industry will be massive and impressive. On the positive side, we will witness a huge reduction of accidents and fatalities on the roads; lower operational costs and increased level of service. On the other hand, the technological unemployment will be high.
At this stage of its evolution, the development of autonomous mobility solutions has to be characterized by a continuous learning and testing process. Due to the responsibility behind this advanced technology, it is paramount for automotive manufacturers and companies behind autonomous mobility solutions to assure that every component involved in the system is free of failures.”

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